Frequently asked questions

    How can you afford to give me a number for free? What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch. Simply we provide you a mobile number for free; in return all we ask is that you use it at least once every 90 days, so we don’t run out of numbers that other people might want. We have over 350,000 happy customers using Disguise My Number and we are adding more all of the time.

    As a telecommunications service provider, we recieve a small share of the cost to call the mobile number (which is a personal number charged at pn2 rates). This pays towards the cost to provide the service to you and divert the number to your chosen location. We hope you enjoy using this service. Get in touch if you want to give us feedback about it.

    Are my details kept private?

    Yes, furthermore the only details that we ask from you are a valid email address and, of course, a valid telephone number. We will neither spam your email address with information about our other services, nor pass on any of your details to a third party.

    Do I have to inform my landline or mobile provider and does it interfere with their service?

    In a word, No. Disguise My Number operates independently and does not interfere with your existing line. If and when you want to stop the calls on your new number, you simply log into your account and turn it off, or cancel it completely and get a new one free of charge. Once a number has been cancelled anyone calling it will hear a message stating the number is no longer in use, handy for getting rid of repeat/unwanted phone calls eh?!

    How much does it cost to call my new telephone number?

    It’s classed as a mobile call (PN2) in the UK, however some networks may charge a little more (such as the cost for cheap pre-pay phones or international calls). Your number is NOT a premium rate number of any kind. It is a personal telephone number issued to you for a “follow me” type of service, meaning you can change the location of the number at any time (e.g. from your mobile to your landline,) without your callers knowing.

    How long can I keep the number for ?

    As long as you like. All we ask is that you use the number and give it out as much as possible. If no calls are made to your number for 90 days, we reserve the right to cancel it and give it to someone else. This is just so that we can provide a number for everyone who wants one.

    Do I have to come to this website to turn my number on/off and change the location?

    Yes, for security reasons you have to log into this site in order to change the status of your number(s), or any other details, such as the number to which calls are going to. We are, however, aiming to give users the ability to change their details by telephone, so watch this space! 🙂

    How many numbers can I have at once?

    As many as you like. Again all that we ask is that the number will be used; if a number isn’t used for 90 days, we will disconnect that number and give it to someone else.

    What can I use Disguise My Number for?

    Whatever you want really! The possibilities really are endless. Below are some of the most common situations in whihc Disguise My Number can come in handy.

    • Selling a car, or unwanted items? Want to stop calls from coming through to you after the item has been sold? Use one of our numbers when advertising your car or any item for sale; once the item has been sold, you can cancel your number and avoid receiving unwanted phone calls!
    • If you are user of internet chat rooms who wants to talk to new acquaintances without divulging your real phone numbers, you can get one of our numbers and set it up so it goes to your mobile or landline. Give out the new number as you would do before and calls will come through as normal, but without the person calling it (i.e. someone in a chat room) finding out your real number. When you want to get rid of that number – or turn it off temporarily – you simply log into this site and do it online!
    • Businessmen – want to remain anonymous during a sensitive business deal or acquisition? Get one of our numbers and give that out as your own to those concerned. When the deal is complete, simply disable the number and stop receiving calls from everyone who you gave it out to.
    • Met someone on a night out and are unsure how you feel about them? Why not give them your “new” number and then if you no longer want calls from them, simply come back to this site and cancel it. They’ll never bother you again!

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