At Disguise My Number, we’ve built a disposable mobile number website, that allows you to get a new mobile number, and send the calls from it, to any number of your choice. In addition, we offer the following extra free features to all our customers:

    Disguise My Number Features:

    • Get a new number for your mobile and send the calls to either a UK Mobile, a UK landline or selected international destinations, and change the destination whenever you like.
    • Dispose of your number at anytime, if you are getting calls you don’t want, or want to change your number, simply login and disconnect your current number, and replace it with a new one, all within seconds.
    • Record your incoming calls – record your conversations with people on your Disguise My Number, allowing you to login and download that recording to listen to it later as an audio file on your computer.
    • Set your Disguise My Number to show either the caller’s number (on your phone as it rings) or your actual Disguise My Number, allowing you to distinguish your callers and what number they’ve called – great for businesses wanting to answer in a different name to sound professional.
    • Cool Ring Tones – Turn on optional ringing tones that play to the caller while you’re waiting to answer, this could be your favorite song, or funny message.

    Give the service a try………..signup now it’s free.

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