A caller calls your
Disguised Number.
Disguise My Number
diverts this caller to your
actual phone number.
Your phone
rings as normal.
"When I go speed dating I give out my
disguised number, just in case..."
Laura Bishop, Essex
"I met this guy at a club. I thought he
was nice at first but he gradually became
more and more creepy, so I just deleted
the disguised number I'd given him!"
Denise Quade, Sheffield
"I gave my disguised number to a pushy
salesman once. When I realised he was calling
once or twice a week, all I had to do was
cancel my disguised number and the
problem calls went away!"
Richard Cunliffe, Liverpool

Welcome to Disguise My Number

Ever wanted to give your home phone or mobile number to someone but feared that it might fall into the wrong hands?

Disguise My Number is a free service that gives you a brand new telephone number for free that simply "sits" on top of your existing one.

When someone calls your new number, they get through to you just as before, but without knowing your real number!

Please note this service is for UK landline and mobile numbers only, and you cannot use Disguise My Number to disguise phone numbers outside of the UK.

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