Anthony London “Quick & easy to set up and I now receive my calls when I want them.”

    Steve, Manchester “Great idea, really easy to set up. I’ve already got rid of one of my phones.”

    Kevin, Birmingham “Really clever idea, took a few minutes to set up and I’ve found it especially useful when registering with or giving out details on websites.”

    Becky, Croydon “Heard about this service from a girlfriend, now when on a night out, I don’t worry about giving my number out, as your service helps screen calls.”

    Jo, Blackpool “I’m forever having to change my numbers because of nuisance calls. Now using Disguise My Number, I can do this for free.”

    Richard, Liverpool “Just found your site and have started to use the service for my car adverts. Brilliant. I now choose when I get my business calls, which my wife is also very happy about”


    Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re reluctant to give your phone number out to strangers? In an Internet chat room, perhaps, or when selling your car through a newspaper?

    Disguise My Number is a free service, created to cater for any situation in which you want someone to be able to contact you by phone, but don’t want to give out your real number. And it couldn’t be easier to use.

    Simply provide us with your email address and the number of the mobile or landline you’d like to disguise, and we’ll give you a new number. Any calls to this new number route directly to your ‘real’ number.

    You can disable your new number at any time, and control all aspects of your account simply by logging into this site. We allow multiple disguised numbers per user, so you can disguise you mobile, home and office numbers absolutely free.

    Who might use Disguise My Number?

    • Anyone who wants to advertise their contact number with an item they are selling but doesn’t want to receive calls after the item has been sold.
    • Businessmen who want to remain anonymous during a sensitive business deal or acquisition.
    • Users of Internet chat rooms who want to talk to new acquaintances without divulging their real phone numbers.
    • Anyone who’s met someone on a night out, but is unsure as to how they feel about them. By giving the person their a “new” number, they can ensure that, should they no longer want calls from them, they can simply come back to the site and disable or cancel the number at any time.

    We will never send or sell your details to a third party or spam you with any material regarding our other services.

    Disguise My Number is operated by Crosby Systems Limited. Visit Crosby Systems to find out more about us.

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